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About us

JAMES&MAU is an international architecture firm based in Spain and Poland with associated offices in Chile and Colombia.

The company brings together expertise in several areas such as architecture, construction, and real estate development in order to offer full-service support for the development of projects both for individuals and enterprises.

JAMES&MAU is widely experienced in design, work on-site and building permits, with a strong focus on modular industrialized architecture and construction, applying bioclimatic and sustainable concepts.

In a global context, we humbly try to contribute to the biggest challenge humankind ever had which is global warming. Our tools are a common sense bio-climatic design that takes advantage of the particularities of the local climate and tries to match them with the needs of the users, the use of local materials and construction crews, as well as the use of renewable energies and eco-friendly materials.

In a closer context, we devote our efforts to the happiness and welfare of the users of our buildings by turning their needs and wishes into user-friendly spaces. Parallelly we try to make the best of the businesses when developers are the initiators of the projects.

We believe that every project deserves its own architectural language derived from the uniqueness of the site, its climate and history, and the clients and/or users. In this sense, no project should aesthetically look like another since aesthetics are just a result of the unique architectural language of each project.


Jaime Gaztelu, founder architect and director
Mauricio Galeano, founder architect and director Spain
Diego Llorente, architect and director partner Poland


Patrycja Pokrzywa, architect
Joanna Wierzba, architect
Joanna Suska, architect
Katarzyna Bonek, architecture student
Jolanta Szczurek, architecture student


Julián Roberto, architect
Loretxu García, director
Carolina Espina, office manager

Former staff members


Patricia Quilez, architecture student
Juliette Frey, sales and communications director
Nicolás Pérez-Enciso, architecture student
Jaime Bigeriego, architect
Francesca Diomedi, communications manager
Luis Salazar, architect
Raquel Izurzu, architect
Itziar Peñalva, architect
Agata Puławska, interior design student
Mirella Skrivanek, architecture student


Wojciech Buchta, architect
Vanessa Szydłowska, architecture student
Robert Zapała, architecture student
Dominika Strzałka-Rogal, architect


Sara Benito, architect
Claudia Morel, architect
Pablo Arriaza, accountant
Ignacio Pizarro, architect
Borja Sánchez, architect
Francisca Lucero, architect


Jorge Galeano, director
Ángela Monterrosa, sales manager