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“Efekt Bilbao – Nowa Huta” Discussion


On 24.09.2021, a panel discussion was held in which Diego Llorente Domínguez participated as moderator.

The Bilbao-New Steel Mill Effect.” – The steel industry was the economic base of both Bilbao and Nowa Huta, a risky bet on which the two cities were consolidated and the reason for their problems in times of lower demand in the sector. Urban planner Jose Miguel Güell, a key co-author of Bilbao’s Strategic Plan – together with Polish-based Spanish architect Diego Llorente – will try to explain the reasons why the “Bilbao Effect” is a global reference in contemporary urban planning. Jose Miguel Güell will be able to explain first-hand how this ambitious plan was conceived from the very beginning and what its effects are still today. We will analyze the consequences that every decision in the urban area has on our cities and therefore in our lives. How the chosen model, its mistakes and successes determine the identity of the city and ours. Interviewee: José Miguel Fernández Güell, Moderator: Diego Llorente Domínguez